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Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation 24 hrs in Paralives World Reply To: 24 hrs in Paralives World

  • I agree. I think we should be more likely to see certain groups at different periods in the game. Teenagers and adults being more likely to be seen out at night would be a nice touch. It could also be personality based, like if we get the option to make a Para a night owl, they’ll be more likey to go out at night. But a para who is afraid of the dark or a morning person, would be less likely to leave their home once it gets dark out.

    It would also be nice if it could be associated with certain holidays. Like for New Years, you’d see parafolk out at night playing with fire crackers. But on Christmas people would be more active during the daytime.

    Someone proposed the idea of public businesses having customizable hours, so certain places would be open only at night, but others only during the day time. I think that’s a possiblity based on the early restraunt image Alex showed off once. It would certainly be cool for Paras to prefer different establishments based on their hours.

    Posted June 7, 2020 at 5:46 pm