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  • bailey

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    June 5, 2020 at 7:41 pm
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    I think that would be a bit too much. Espeically if they end up actually using gradual aging. Everything would just take way too long.

    That said, I do hope we end up with a calendar. I think it would be nice to have decently lengthed “years”, but 365 in-game days sounds way too long. 40 weeks of pregnacy, sounds like it would be a chore. Though maybe something like this could be optional if people really want to play that way.

    I actually feel like a hypothetical caldendar would just be a shortened version of what we have now. Like maybe a month would be 20 days instead of 30. A year would be 6 months instead of 12. That’s just how I imagined it, but I’m interested in seeing what the team decides.