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    What I want: first of all, normal utility stuff, like chairs, tables, sofas, beds, lamps. Also plants, trees, shelves, many decorations, paintings, bridges over ponds. I’m not sure if I want shelves to be separated from bookshelves or not, because I want for books to be able to be stored anywhere and to be interactive at the same time.

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    Something I wonder is how in-depth cooking appliances will be. I’d imagine it would depend a lot on how detailed cooking and baking will be and whether it’s put in the game as a hobby. It would be cool if there were lots of different appliances like ovens and stoves and fridges obviously, but also microwaves, and coffee makers, and blenders, and bars, etc…

    I agree about the books. I can see coding getting complicated and gameplay getting laggy if everything in game has to be done as a 3d object and placed specifically so I think they’re going to have to pick and choose what is placeable and what is just an inventory sort of thing. Maybe as a nice middle ground if books can’t be individual, physical, items, we could designate certain shelves to be bookshelves and there could be like a book capacity, and the shelf is animated to look more or less full depending on how many individual books we store in it. And then we can take out individual books and use them, and then put them back when we’re done with them. It’s not quite the same, but maybe it’d be a nice compromise?

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    I hope we get the ability to make stained glass windows,
    create gothic architecture structures, green houses.
    Also for build mode i hope there’s more tools to use as far as creating landscapes,gardens, ponds etc.
    Different types of fire places
    Solar panels to be used as electricity
    Glass stairs
    stone stairs
    Bigger windows (bay windows, those really tall windows that extend up to three stories high, unique shaped windows especially 3D circle shaped)

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    Not sure if it would be in a kiosk or in build mode (or both?), but I would like different types of cell phones. Or at least cell phone colors, that perhaps were randomly selected to add variety. Most of everyone in modern society has a cell phone these days, but they look different cause of different cases/models.


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