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    Rabbit holed or not.
    I want parks (many types, fully forested too), book stores, schools, a place where it is visible how your horse races with the others, aquapark, in paranormal update/expansion magic stores. Would be also kinda cool to have a mall where there can conventions happen.

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    I really would love to see non-rabbit hole theme parks were we can take the whole family out for a day of fun. It might be a lot of work though, so it probably wouldn’t come in the initial release.

    For rabbit holes, my immediate thoughts are things like zoos, movie theaters, restaurants, aquariums, city hall, fitness centers, arcades, and sports stadiums. Again, likely not all of this would make it into the final game, but a few of them would be nice to see.

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    I honestly wanna see non-rabbit holes community lots, I’m not really for rabbit holes full on though i can understand for the base game and such but not indefinitely. Because I feel it limits me to be at home all the time if there’s no need to take a para out and socialize if that makes sense?

    Forests that you can explore,hike through,and camp out at filled with different woodland animals which could come in the future in an update.
    Public parks like Central Park having lakes you can canoe on and swim in.
    Malls with many stores to buy from and go in.
    Movie theatres
    Opera theatres
    Farmer’s Market
    Corner stores (like 7 Eleven)
    Corporations that would act as a place to get business advice, get a lawyer, and apply for jobs/go to job interviews,etc.

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    Coffee shops would be great. Fully implemented, though. I want my Paras to order coffee, choose a seat, sit down and chat with other Paras, perhaps use a computer. Or, if my Paras want some coffee on the go, they can keep it while doing other stuff (like driving, using a computer, etc). Perhaps the coffee would have to “disappear” for a moment while doing an interaction that doesn’t include a scenario where the para is holding a drink, but i don’t want the coffee to disappear forever. What’s the point in ordering a coffee/whatever if the para gets rid of it at the next interaction (looking at you, Sims 3 bars).

    Funny thing is, I don’t even drink coffee! Ha!

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    Parks where different activities spawn on the lot depending on the season (if there are seasons) to make the lot function as a sort of festival (like in The Sims 3 Seasons). For example, for winter: ice skating rink, craft station to make things like paper snowflakes that paras can take home and use a decoration, hot chocolate stand/food truck. Things like that but for every season. I really enjoy having activities like this for my household to do together.

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    I would really like to create that “town” or “neighborhood feeling again like the Sims 2 and 3 even if that means we can’t freely move between towns like in the Sims 4. Standard lots would include:

    City Hall (police department and courts included and a rabbit hole most likely)
    Bank (to get loans, check finances like mortgages, and check investments…and also to work at) – RH
    Parks (might have seasonal festivals here)
    Corporation – RH
    Public Pool
    Fishing Spots
    Restaurant (hopefully specific to the food served like Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc.)
    Coffee shop
    Wine bar
    Grocery Store/Farmers Market-RH
    Museum (art and science options)
    Landfill (for art, engineering, and collecting things)
    Fire station
    Hospital – RH
    Science lab – RH
    Stadium (for concerts and athletes) -RH
    Studio (for film, TV, and news) – RH
    Theater – (stage actors, musicians, and comedians) RH
    Salon (tattoo, hair, makeup, piercings)
    Small business (to sell your collectibles or crafts)
    Bowling alley
    Kid and Teen hangouts
    Dog parks
    Horse training field

    Other ideas:
    Create a running, walking, biking trail
    It would also be interesting to be able to zone specific parts of properties and make a hybrid commercial and residential which would be helpful for small businesses.


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