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    In The Sims 4, they allowed mods and custom content. One of the mods was the pose player, and could download/make poses and take pictures of the sims. I think it would be pretty cool if we could do this and then frame the pictures on walls or put them on tables. It could be little Easter eggs that you could put into the houses/apartments to make it feel like home for the parafolk. 🙂 Happy parafolking (is that what we are calling it? I don’t know, lol).

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    Agreed, the photograph function in TS4 is super rudimentary and I’d really like the ability to change poses while taking the photo.

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    I would also like to have NPCs take pictures of my paras and then be able to frame them and put them on surfaces and walls – like in TS2 but with a choice of frames and sizes.

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    Photography is an extremely cool and complex feature for a simulation. The easiest way to go about it, yes, just to add photography and a posing tool. Photography frames in The Sims are extremely lacking, while IRL you could have all kinds of crazy ones – with flowers, hearts and what not, with text too. Just take a look at this one: flowery picture frame. Also you can add a lot of social functions, like asking people to shoot you as Amandac said, asking people to go out of the frame, dynamic poses where a person does something to simulate activity and walking, posing with items in hands, posing together. Also having backgrounds like in Sims 4 photo studio, mood lights, redacting a photo, cropping and with filters, text and clip-art.

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