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How would you like personality ("traits") to be determined?

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  • When creating my Para I choose them and they cannot change.
  • I choose some personality traits and more can be added or be removed based on the choices I let my Para make.
  • Personality can not be chosen. It forms as Paras develop.
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    My first poll! Thank you JP

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    i think the core personality traits should be chosen, but other smaller things change as you go. Maybe the core traits can change, but you have to agree.

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    I had a thought the other day off of what Roxanne on twitter has as a poll for paras personality changing based on the interactions they’d make which would then cause them to have fluctuating/changing personalities throughout a paras life time. But, I think there should be some key characteristics we should be able to pick. Like a para liking books,art, cooking, tv, gardening etc. so rather than calling them ‘traits’ per say but maybe having just a list of likes and dislikes we can all choose from instead which would build onto the foundation of paras personalities. By foundation I mean paras having the basics:

    Mean – Nice, Outgoing – Introvert, Messy – Neat, and so forth.

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    I think it would be nice if a Para’s personality could develop over time. Like lets say you have a Para who plays lots of video games as a child- teenager and they grow up with a homebody personality. But then they get a job as an adult where they need to be outside a lot, so they grow towards an outdoorsy personality. I think that would add a lot of depth.

    Of course, it should be up to the player to decide if the personality traits fully change or not.


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