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    So, if you didn’t know Simlish is the language in the Sims. So is there going to be an official language for the parafolk? Maybe Paralish? Please leave any suggestions below. Thanks :)!

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    An official language would be too expensive and time-consuming to make, so there won’t be one. The mods have said a language similar to Animal Crossing is being considered, but it’s not confirmed. 🙂

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    To be honest, I don’t want an artificial language in the game. It breaks my heart as of conlang lover, I think languages should be seen more seriously than for a tool life simulation game without focus on languages. I adore an idea of gibberish sounds without distinction between phonemas. That will make roleplaying different languages more simple, so they wouldn’t all sound european with easily distinguishable phonemas, like, there is deffinitely Rs and Ls here. In Japanese this sounds more in-between, and I want to not be able to tell if there is a distincion or not. Musical notes are too much for sure though. I like something that looks like speech sounds in Undertale too. It looks like a character has a voice, but nothing specific about what is said at all, besides lenght (1 letter = 1 tick sound).

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