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    Hey, my name is Danny! I’m a 20 year old speech/voice therapist in training. I live in Germany, near Hanover!
    I’m a Sims player since ~2006, I started with the original game and was addicted immediately! Though I still like the Sims, I despise EA’s pricing policy and their lack of listening to the fan base. This is why I support Paralives and became a patron – I might not have the best economical situation but I’m willing to help young talents out!

    When I’m not studying or playing The Sims, I mostly play Nintendo games (Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Mii-themed games like Tomodachi Life…) or watch youtubers of almost all kinds – beauty, music, gaming, reviews!

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    Hii! My name is Hanabi and I am one of many who is sick and tired of EA’s laziness and greediness when it comes to the sims. I am so incredibly happy to see someone create such a beautiful game with much consideration for the customer!

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    Hello, I’m Vivi, and I’m from Spain. I play the Sims since 2004, when The Sims 2 came out, but I was very interested when the first paralives’ tweet came out. I always thought that The Sims need a strong competitor, something similar that happend with Simcity and Cities Skylines, and I think that Paralives is a good option.
    The game looks great, it have their own style and gives you a lot of tools for create the house of your dreams. I can’t wait to see how the parafolks looks like! :3

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    Hi fellow Paralives Fans! I am Carrie. Thank you JP for making this fansite!

    I am looking forward to really all aspects of the game. I look forward to how the characters are developed. I look forward to hopefully really following the characters life through all aspects of their daily life. Even the boring tasks such as working or getting groceries.

    I am thoroughly impressed that one person has been able to create such a perfect world that I thought only my imagination could create!

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    Hello, I’m from France and heard about Paralives just last week. I’m a long time Sims 2 player and feel the need to try a life simulation game which hopefully will be a little bit different, and be, as Vivi Fellow said, a strong competitor to EA Games and all Sims games series.

    I’m crossing my fingers for Paralives being released with all super great and attractive.

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    Howdy, Parafolks, my name’s Corona~!

    I’m an aspiring artist from America and a former fan of The Sims who got my start with Deluxe Edition back in 2004. If you wonder why “former”, well… long story short, I’m currently recovering from a stint as a troll brought on by coping with EA assuming that due to The Sims having no competition people would buy whatever they put out. My hope is to retool all of that frustration towards supporting Paralives instead of wasting it screaming at EA to fall on deaf ears.

    My hobbies include gaming, reading comics and hanging out with my friends, but what really gets me fired up is making something! From drawing to writing and all manner of design, creativity is my passion and I love to share my ideas and creations.

    That’s actually why I joined this forum: I was posting so much feedback for Paralives on Twitter that it only made sense to go somewhere I could plan things out better and share it in longform instead of doing 300 character post after 300 character post somewhere I couldn’t edit things to be more coherent each time inspiration struck.

    Not that I think they desperately need my ideas given how great the game is already shaping up to be. The innovations in dynamic sizing and placement for objects and building parts completely blew my mind but what I’m really dying to see is how that kind of forward-thinking and versatility translates to Parafolks or the world at large.

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    Howdy, Parafolks, my name’s Corona~!

    Welcome @starwingcorona 😀 Thanks for joining. I’m sure your ideas won’t be ignored by the Paralives devs. 🙂 I’m not sure how often the devs browse here so feel free to share your forum links with them on Twitter. 😀

    -- Founder of The Paralives Hub

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    Bonjour !
    The name is Deadnoise and im from France, so pardon my poor english ^-^

    I was first introducet to the sims at a very yough age, my sister and i would play the sims 1 on the old family computer. Then i played the sims 3 for a good while durring my early teenage years and now im here, trying to re-connect with this game series while working as a free lance Graphical designer.

    Im very exited and interested about Paralives ! Just seeing the first previews on YT made my jaw drop with a feeling of nostalgia hitting me right in the feels.

    I wish good luck to the Paralives dev team ! This is indeed a REALLY HUGE project, but please do not rush it ! Take your time in order to polish everything.

    As Shigeru Miyamoto once sayd. “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

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    I’m Miriak, as a surname, japanese style. I’m russian, but I’m pretty fluent in English to the point of being bilingual. I see myself as agender with feminine moments, prefer “they”, “them”. In Russian there is no way to say neutral pronouns, so I’m a fan of them, and I’m constantly saying “they”, “person” about the others to avoid pointing at gender even of cis people. I’m an artistic tulpaforcer with big emotional problems, but I’m trying hard to take care of myself.

    I was a die-hard fan of Sims when I was young, I’ve bought all Sims 2 expansions, but I was too late on Sims 1 and was disappointed with Sims 3 and Sims 4, yet still enjoyed a lot about their features, their drama and their fanbase. As many others, I have felt that “The Sims” needs competition and I was searching for similiar games on PC, both big and indie. I was also learning about my gaming preferences, about game design in general and such, so this isn’t just about The Sims for me, but it’s apperant that the genre itself needs renewal.

    I was enjoying every video from Alex on Paralives and a couple of them past I joined fan platforms, started showing activity. I am not a builder, but I was astonished by simplicity of actions in videos, it looks so intuitive for me. The visual style is good for me too, and since it is a “Sims-clone”, I’m eagerly waiting for characters and simulation itself, whatever they may end up as. I love how developers treat their community kindly and with attention, that makes me feel good despite of the game, but it is important for me that this game is a successor of The Sims idea, because it is my old love and a broken heart in some way.

    I was trying to make my own concepts for a sim game, and when I was doing it, I’ve learned about myself that I want 1) complicated personalities, psychology, sociology, (I’ve suggested using topics as a way for characters to think), 2) vast interactivity with objects, for making they feel more real, kinetic and meaningful, 3) many unique decorative objects and character parts (clothes, hairs and what not), which mostly are supported by fan-base, 4) roleplaying possibilities and huge customisation, like clothing and object creators that I suggested, 5) features involving books, their customisation, complexity. I want a lot with a burning passion, and I know that Paralives should be just Paralives and not my dream, and I’m cool with that and I wish this project all the luck.

    "They", "them". Paralives for the win. @LiraMiriak on Twitter

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    Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. What drew me to Paralives is the short video clips that are being released by the devs. I’m so impressed with what’s been done so far! It looks like they really understand what their target audience wants and are giving us what we’ve been praying to the life simulation gods for, finally! I’ve been playing the Sims since Sims 2 Life Stories (my fav of the Sims franchise). Something random about me: I love animals, and I’m a Hufflepuff. 😀

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