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    Ok I have posted this before but it has seemed to disappear after this site went down a few days ago.
    Anyway to repeat my previous wise words, I have touched upon this in a past idea, although I’m honestly so genuinely proud and I think it would really add to the equivalent of CAS in Paralives, so I have decided to say it separately.
    Basically, would be just like click and drag on face and body, but for hair. To edit the way it sits, and how different strands are placed.
    We could also have sliders for curliness and length and the styles only be how it is tied up, whether it is dead straight or afro not being a problem, therefore maximising customisation and possibilities.
    If this is possible I would love to see it, and would possibly die on the spot if it actually was included in game.
    Right ok I’ve baffled on a bit but if there’s any chance this could happen: oof happiness overload much.

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    This would be fantastic. The amount of times I had a cut in the sims where it was almost right but just not what I was looking for, and having to wait for more hairstyles to come out and buy or download… ugh 🙁 I’d love to be able to just tweak them a bit at least, it’s a nice idea if possible!

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    I’d love that! The same way they have stretch for furniture but for hair lengths. And for swatches there can be hair textures like straight, wavy, curly, afro-textured. So the same hair style (pony tail, hair down, pig tails, bun, space buns, etc) but you can choose the hair texture, if they have bangs or not, and the color.


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