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    I think that you should be able to pick from different heights (short, medium, tall).
    You should be able to adjust the muscle mass, tone, and fat content of certain parts of the body. (I have a very strange way of carrying my weight, and I would like to be able to represent my body properly)

    Being able to paint in birthmarks, moles, and freckles would be super fun!
    For the eyes, i think a patterns and colors should be available.

    And BODY HAIR! I am desperate for a hairy, slobby para! Perhaps all hair could grow over time and have to be cut in game?
    And I’m talking about sliders for armpit hair, bikini hair, calf hair, thigh hair, arm hair, chest hair, back hair, even belly hair!
    And not just for the men (sims 3 could never)

    You should also be able to pick the paras gender, birth sex, any transition, and their sexuality/romantic orientation in the game. This should include nonbinary paras, and asexual paras.

    A lot of unique voices would be great as well! maybe having a fair amount of voice actors, and providing voice sliders for pitch and speed, etc. would be cool!

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    I would love to have an option to save outfits I’ve created into a “saved outfits” folder. That way I can quickly select outfits I’ve already made for my new characters. It will help me save time after I’ve already spent hours customizing the facial features/hair/etc of my parafolk. When I play the sims, sometimes the last thing I feel like doing after I’ve made my character is spend another few hours putting together 5-6 more outfits when I really just want to start playing. Having the option to quickly select my previous looks would be awesome!

    Can’t wait for this game! It looks absolutely amazing!

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    I haven’t posted in a while, but I thought of a new idea for creating characters with the Paramaker. Now, I know this is going to sound like a lot and I highly doubt this is something can would be easy to do, especially for a game made by a smaller team, but I thought I’d propose it anyway, maybe in the event that even if it won’t make it for the initial release, it could come in a future update.

    I’ll keep it as simple as possible. I think that for each age range that’ll be in the game, there should be 2 stages, a younger half and older half. Yes, it’s certainly a lot, but I think this would be a grate compromise if we don’t get gradual aging. That way, there will be a larger variety of families that one will be able to create and aging and development will seem more progressive and natural.

    As for what I think would be a good system, I’ll trying to summarize it. Y=younger O=older so I don’t need to keep typing the full words over and over.

    Y-Newborn. The Para can’t move on it’s own yet. It can only sleep and eat. It must be carried around by its parents to go anywhere.
    O-Infant. Around 6 months. This Para can be taught to crawl. Eventually they can crawl anywhere, but can’t traverse stairs.

    Y-Around 1 year. This Para can stand up and toddle around. Can slowly climb stairs. Can start babbling.
    O-Around 3 years. This Para can walk perfectly. Can learn to speak perfectly. Can start potty training. Can switch from diapers to pull-ups.

    Y-Around 6 years. This Para can use the toilet properly. Can attend school.
    O-Pre-teen. Around 10 years. This Para can have chores. Can learn things such as cooking. Can start to have hobbies.

    Y-Around 13 years. This Para can start experiencing crushes on other Paras. Can have acne.
    O- Around 16 years. This Para can start dating and enter a serious relationship. This Para can learn to drive and get a job.

    Y-This Para can propose and be wed. Can procreate.
    O- This Para will start getting wrinkles. May start to be less active.

    Y-This Para will lose the ability to procreate.
    O-This Para can retire. Can pass away of old age.

    Basically I think it would be cool to see Parafolk develop overtime. Not to mention, I think it would be great to allow players to have more options for each age range. Instead of all kids, babies, and teenagers being the same age by default, you could pick if a family has an older kid and a younger baby, or an older baby and a younger kid.

    And again, even if this doesn’t make it into the initial release, I hope it can be considered for a future update.

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    I love the idea of a paint tool, and I think it would be awesome if we could apply it to hairstyles as well as clothing. That way, Parafolk can have more complex hair colors, like split dye (like Melanie Martinez) or rainbow hair.

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