One month later: We spoke with Alex Massé about the huge response to Paralives, and what will happen to ensure the game's success.

It has been about a month since Paralives was revealed to the world, and the response has been hugely positive.

Multiple YouTube Simmers shared video reviews about the upcoming life sim, and as a result of this, a thriving community was born.

One of the possible reasons for the rapid growth of the community is how the developer has engaged with fans directly; many feel connected with the game’s development.

In light of the recent AMA special event, we spoke with Alex about the response to Paralives. So, for the first time ever, we bring you a Paralives Hub exclusive interview with the developer of the next major life simulation game!

So, Paralives went viral in a mater of days. With over 1 million combined views on influencer videos, more than $2,500 per month from Patrons, and over 50,000 hits on The Paralives Hub. How do you feel about the response from the community? Were you expecting it?


Alex: I did not expect this at all and I still can’t believe it!

At first, I wanted to wait a few more months for the announcement trailer to be ready before starting to talk about the game. But my friend convinced me to start showing sneak peaks.

I thought some people would be interested but never expected that the game would spread this fast! I feel very lucky to be able to work on this game full time and I’m so glad people are excited about Paralives.

Many fans have compared Paralives to another popular life simulation game. How will Paralives stand out?


Alex: Paralives will have its own charm and I would like people to consider it as its own separate thing rather than a better or worse version of another game.

Many of the systems will be different, and I’m looking to try new things and find new ways for people to build houses and create unique stories!

A life sim is quite an ambitious project for an Indie developer. How will you ensure Paralives will be a success?


Alex: I’ve worked on many unreleased prototypes for building games and simulation games in the past so I’ve learned a lot from them and now I think I’m ready for the big one.

Making a game is not an easy task and it’s a more of a marathon than a sprint. That’s why I’m focusing on what’s important and fun for the initial release of the game and plan to expand on it after release.

Additionally, I’m looking to build a small team of developers to help with the development. Finally, I’m really interested in working with the community to get feedback and ideas to make Paralives the best game it can be.

What inspired you to create Paralives?


Alex: I’ve always loved simulation games. Especially The Sims and the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. These games have been part of my life since I was a child so I’ve accumulated a lot of ideas over the years to make my own project.

Will the game have NPC’s, such as burglars, firefighters and police?


Alex: Yes! I can’t confirm which types of NPC’s yet, but the goal is to make the town feel alive and interesting. So, there will be different characters that players will encounter, creating many interesting events.

Will Parafolk be able to pass down their genetics and personality traits to their offspring?


Alex: Yes, characters will be able to pass down their genetics and traits! I’m still designing the details though!

Can you reveal anything about how personalities will work? Will they have emotions?


Alex: Personalities and emotions are really important to make a life simulation game interesting. I’m still working on these systems and prototyping ideas but the goal is to make every character unique and fun to play with.

How will the simulation of the open world work? Will other characters live out their life intelligently? Such as “Story Progression”?


Alex: To make the neighborhood feel alive, it’s important for other characters to live their own lives. That’s why I aim for them to be able to get promoted at work, fall in love, have kids, etc.

Finally, what’s your personal favourite feature in the game so far?


Alex: I love the ability to recreate my own real life house with the exact same length for each wall and windows!

Thank you, Alex!

We hope you enjoyed this article, and we’re so excited to learn more about the developer and the game.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Alex for being so forthcoming with the community. Until next time, Parafolks!

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