End of Paralives’ Paractober Challenge

We have reached the end of October and we can finally take a look at all of the wonderful art shared by Paralives fans for Paractober Challenge. There were six themes plus a bonus theme for the challenge and at the end of each challenge week six pieces of art were selected by the Paralives Team to be showcased on their social media accounts.

Paractober is officially over! And a lot of you brought your A-game for Madame Crow, our last theme Thank you to everyone who participated throughout the month, you impressed us with your talent and brightened our (mostly rainy) days!

End of Paractober Challenge message from Christine, communications director of Paralives Team

Here are the images selected by the Paralives team for each theme in the challenge:

Theme #1: Maggie + Pumpkin

Theme #2: Favorite Furniture + Haunted

Theme #3: Lighthouse + Secret

Theme #4: Sebastian + Ghost

Theme #5: Future Para + Cursed

Theme #6: Doggo + Bones

Bonus Theme: Madame Crow

End of Paractober Surprise

The surprise of end of the challenge is the short story written by Entirago in Paralives’ discord! “Maggie’s Mystery” can be read from this link!

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