Early prototype of character creation tools revealed.

  • Multiple ways to customise characters confirmed.
  • Players will be able to use sliders to customise characters, like TS2 and TS3.
  • Players will also be able to directly click on body parts and manipulate them, like TS4.

Solo game developer Alex Masse has been working behind the scenes lately, designing the mysterious Parafolks, which is the official name of the characters that will be seen in Paralives.

Fans are anxiously waiting for the big reveal, which is due to arrive in the following months in the form of a game trailer. Today, however, Alex revealed an early prototype of the character customisation tools that will be available in the upcoming life simulation game.

Multiple ways to customise characters confirmed.

Don’t panic; Parafolks are not geese. In the video, we are shown a very early concept of the character customisation tools in Paralives. Players will have many options to design their Paras; one is the classic method of using sliders to control the shape and size of different features and body parts, and the other method is the more modern way of clicking and dragging directly on the character, just like The Sims 4.

To give you some context of why there will be 2 different ways to customise the characters, Alex recently hosted a Patreon Poll asking fans which of the two aforementioned customisation techniques are better. It turns out that some people prefer sliders and some people prefer to click and drag on the character directly. Some prefer both methods and asked if both are possible? Well, it turns out we can have both; body sliders will be directly linked to the “click and drag” method. Everybody wins!

Update: Characters will not be "low-poly"

A new quote from Alex reveals some exciting new details about the planned style of character designs. Perhaps due to the current art style of the game’s environment, many fans have expressed concern about whether the characters will lack detail, or will be too “low poly”.

The goal is realistic proportions and details while still being a bit cartoony. They won’t really be low-poly – Alex Masse

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