Zone out entire neighbourhoods.

For the first time ever in a life simulation game, players will be given simple, yet powerful, tools to create neighbourhood lots of any shape and size in Paralives.

In a recent video published by lead developer, Alex Masse, it is demonstrated how a user can, seemingly without limits, customise an entire residential zone, in a similar fashion to city building games, such as Cities Skylines.


Interestingly, we observed how zones are automatically priced, depending on their size. In addition, the streets will also be automatically named and numbered, too, allowing for more immersive worlds.

At the moment, [lot prices are] $142 per m^2 for every street. Having more expensive areas is a cool idea. πŸ™‚

Alex Masse, Patreon

It has been confirmed that this feature will be available in the base game of Paralives, so if you’re the type of player who likes to customise the game world, you’re in for a treat!

Town Houses, curved streets, and lot expansions.

When questioned about the proximity of individual lots, it appears that players will be able to build houses up to the edges of the boundaries of each lot. This will allow for the creation of attached town houses (also known as terraced or row houses).

Yes, you will be able to create attached houses! When placing a wall, it will snap to the very edge of the lot. πŸ™‚

Alex Masse, Patreon

But what if you wanted to start small on a single lot, then work your way up? What happens when you run out of space to expand your home? Well, it’s also confirmed that it’s possible to expand the lot size at any time.

Furthermore, you may have placed your lot adjacent to a curved road, and now you want to extend your garden along said road? Well, our prayers have been answered, Parafolks, with the curve tool!Β Yes, we will finally have the ability to create curved, and even angled lots.

Customise even further, with terrain tools.

In light of the amazing world building tools we have seen, it is also worth mentioning that terrain tools are currently in development.

We learned about this after last week’s AMA with Alex. Although we don’t yet have much information about the terrain tools, we do know they will be available in the base game.

There is a terrain tool, can’t say much about the water tool yet though πŸ™‚

–Β Alex Masse, Patreon AMA

However, it appears that evidence of terrain tools has been right under our noses. Upon closer inspection of the screenshot below, can we see the results of the terrain editing feature?

Notice the walls carved into the grassy hills?

"Create-a-World" coming after release.

Before we wrap up this article, there is one more exciting feature we would like to mention, and that’s the additional “World Creation Tool” that is due to arrive in a free update after the game’s release.

From the AMA, when asked if we could build roads, Alex responded:

Yes, but in the World Building tool that will come out later, in an update after release πŸ™‚

–Β Alex Masse, Patreon AMA


So, let’s summarise: Effortless lot creation, custom lot shapes and sizes, terrain tools in the base game, and a future world building tool; it looks like Paralives, when it comes to building at least, is set to revolutionise the life simulation genre.

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know on the forums or in the comments bellow!

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