Community feedback: Should Pets be Controllable?

We asked over 3000 Paralives fans if pets should be directly controllable.

In a life simulation game, the player can take control of the lives of virtual people in a virtual world. You have the power to decide how their story plays out, but what about their pets?

Animals are unpredictable and part of the fun is watching how they interact with your virtual utopia, but in a game where you are the decision maker, should the pets be given simulated freedom or do you want to play as them, too?

We asked the community if pets in Paralives should be directly controllable, and about 2 out of 3 people want to take direct control of their virtual animals. But there is also a large number of people who prefer to influence their animals through the actions of their character, like in real life.

This divide originates from previous life sims in the past, where traditionally pets could be controlled just like Sims, but then in the latest edition, pets could not be controlled at all. And that is arguably more like real life, no?

Surprised with the results or have an opinion? Leave a comment below!

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