Alex Massé reveals the Measuring Tape Tool.

According to a recent Tweet by Alex Massé, the highly anticipated life simulation game, Paralives, will offer players many innovative tools for building homes. One of these tools is the measuring tape tool.

In the video below, we can see how the exact dimensions of a wall are displayed in real time. This means players will be able to replicate their home, or other real world buildings, simply by drawing out a floor plan in the appropriate dimensions.

How many bananas can I fit in my house?

This is a question many have wondered for decades. And, finally, we may have the answer.

It was revealed that the measuring tool can be configured in the settings menu to measure in different units, such as feet and metres. Not only will the tool feature metric units, but also ‘comparison units’, too.

For example, you can set the tool to compare your building to the size of Texas, or even bananas! In the example below, we can see that this room can, in fact, fit 3313 bananas in it.

How about Texas? Well, Texas is very big, so good luck trying to replicate that. 🙂

Twitter's response

As always, Twitter was quick to respond to the banana scale:

And, naturally, bananas won the Twitter Poll. It’s nice to see the developer of Paralives has a sense of humour! Until next time, Parafolks. 🙂



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