Become a moderator for The Paralives Hub

If you are passionate about Paralives, enjoy hanging out a The Paralives Hub, and would like to help keep our fan community safe, please fill out the form below.

The Paralives Hub community is generally very friendly and welcoming, and no issues have yet occurred. This is possibly due to the nature of our current audience, which mostly consists of early adopters of Paralives who just want to see the game thrive, and discuss ideas with other fans.

That doesn’t mean the community should not have moderators though! We are always looking for community volunteers who wish to help keep The Hub safe. Moderators are not expected to be on the site at certain times, however we try to select active and mature members from various different time zones.

You are more likely to be selected if you have some history on the site. As you may know, Hub Points are awarded over time for each action taken within the community. They are awarded for events such as creating forum posts, reading articles and posts, receiving likes, and simply just visiting daily. It generally tells us how active you are and how long you have been a member. The higher your score, the more eligible you may be. This is not the only deciding factor though, so if you think you would be a great candidate then please don’t hesitate; contact us using the form below.